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Monday, January 24, 2011

Calling my bluff

I've been suggesting nagging Pack about lowering the thermostat in the house lately (mostly for my own hot-natured comfort, but also to save some money) but I didn't really think he'd do it.

He called my bluff.

I'm in a sweater and boots in my 63 degree house and I'm still freezing.  Here's why:

Short of using our actual names, our pastor shared a message on Sunday that really identified us.  I don't think that many people saw us elbowing each other during church (while whispering, "That is soooo us!").  We should have known it was a message meant for us when it started with a clip from The Office.

It was about money (specifically debt).  We can relate to that.

Here's the deal.  One year ago, we REALLY realized how much in debt we were.  We knew we had some debt, but I guess we just hadn't sat down to add all of it up (because student/home/car loans seem like good debt, right?).  We paid off several puny credit card balances and patted ourselves on the back for a job well done.

Or not.

Turns out, Pack wasn't the only one who called my bluff.  I thought if we paid off a few things here and there that we would be doing all we should and God would be happy and would let us have more money.  Turns out, our new church started the year out with a series on "The ABC's of Financial Freedom" that opened our eyes.  Turns out, everything we thought we knew about money was WRONG!

Sounds like bad news, right?  Well, here's the good news (and it's awesome).

We don't have to be slaves to our money (or society) anymore!

That's why I'm considering this post my Emancipation Proclamation from debt.  I don't want it to own us anymore, so I'm putting the word out.

We're getting free.

We're starting now (and that's why I'm freezing).

And as if I wasn't cheap enough, I'm willing to cut every corner I can find.  Pack and I even had a head-to-head Magna Doodle brainstorming session on ways we can cut back.  We're excited.

To be honest, it's not all confetti and balloons though...we are experiencing some of the friction that occurs when two people come to terms with their bad habits and it's gotten ugly at times.  Next we're going to need someone to teach us how to talk calmly about money and how to be accepting of each others' ideas (but no, Pack...we are NOT drinking powdered milk and I won't even bring up your other "money maker.").

Please pray for us as we learn to live without the false security of debt.  Pray for our family and for all the other families at our church that are learning how to "break free from the bondage of debt."

I have already been so blessed and excited by this series.  I'm so thankful God moved us here to VA when we did and helped us find this church that blesses us EVERY week in so many ways.  I'm thankful God planned this for us and planned for us to be set free from this mountain of debt that looms over us.

I'm thankful, He called my bluff.


  1. Selling breast milk is very profitable....just saying.

  2. You guys are gems...real gems...

  3. I LOVE this post!! So proud of you! Hard stuff but SO worth it:) I am so glad too that you guys have found an awesome church and community of believers. Yea God!! and I love reading your adventures...I'm right there with you!