And How

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Waiting for the box fairy to come...

We have been in our house almost a week now. First to get settled was Penn and Jude's bedroom. Next was ours. Then...everything else. We're in phase three right now and I'm pretty sure we're never going to be able to park a car in our garage. How come we have no space for this stuff and it's a bigger house?

I did manage to clear the million-and-one boxes off our front porch today so it didn't look like the Sanfords lived here. I think it made a huge difference. Now, all I need are a few green plants to put here or there and the outside of our house will be done for now (the backyard will have to wait...don't get me started).

I think I've unpacked all the boxes in the house with the exception of the garage, the computer room (Mr. Packard will handle that beauty), and the dining room. I really, REALLY want to get my dining room in "dining" condition, but we're going to be painting at some point and I hate to put my china in the cabinet and then have to move it around to paint.

I hate boxes. I hate packing paper. I hate that brown tape that I've been finding all over the house. But I LOVE this new house and can't wait to put pictures up of the rooms once we get everything "straightened." Oh well, enough for now. Bedtime!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Never thought we'd get "here"

We're here. I can't believe that we are actually co-habitating again in Richmond. It only took eight months, but we made it through. In a few more weeks, we'll be in our new home. I can't believe it. I can't believe it!

The move itself has been a little more rough on me than I anticipated. Watching the movers pack up the children's rooms in just a couple of hours was hard. I cried every time I looked in the back of my house...their house. I kept thinking that we picked that house out especially for our babies.

We were pregnant with Penn at the time and we looked at a ton of houses around Florence. Congaree was one of the smaller houses we looked at, but we fell in love with the neighborhood and the hardwood floors. Our first week, two of the neighbors brought us over a meal (one of those ladies passed away last year...a sad day for her neighbors). We knew we made the right choice for a place to bring our new son home.

I think if we ever move back to Florence, I wouldn't want to live in any other neighborhood. You can't find that kind of real estate diversity, convenience, and beautiful scenery in any other place. We loved it!

Now, we're in our first home in VA...a hotel. It's a nice one, but I'm sure four people living in two rooms for two weeks will make anyone crazy. It's okay though...we're together and that's what we've been waiting on (and it's a definite plus that I don't have to make breakfast or supper on most nights).

I can't wait to move in and get to know my new state, new neighborhood, and new neighbors. I simply excited. I think the emotionally hard part (the waiting and leaving) is over and now we can just look ahead to the exciting times we'll have here. This is the place where my babies will become little boys and that's a lot to look forward to!!!