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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things I Dig

In response to my grump are some "things I dig."

  • Lists (obviously...)
  • Babies (my twin sis is having one RIGHT NOW...there will be another post on this)
  • Camping
  • Window shopping
  • My boys
  • Having a husband who tours VA wineries when he travels on his off time.
  • White Merlot (see above)
  • Dessert
  • Bubbles
  • Reading 
  • Trying new foods
  • Seeing moms breastfeed in public (go ahead and roll your eyes, I'm cool with that)
  • Ice (preferably from Jumpin' J's in Florence)
  • Making my husband a meal that he requests to eat again (chicken spaghetti, baked eggrolls, Ramen casserole???)
  • Making my kids a healthy meal that they will actually eat 
  • Sappy, romantic, cheesy stuff
  • Perfume, blush, and lip gloss (on a deserted island, this is what I'd miss)
  • My parents, siblings, and in-laws
  • Having a friend nearby to do free date night exchanges with
  • The "rainbow" selection at the car wash
  • Coffee someone else makes 
  • Having a husband who is "not a natural," but gives it all he's got ;)
  • Facebook
  • Learning to make my own "stuff"
  • Peace (the groovy, hippie kind) 
  • Peace (that passes understanding)
  • Having a Savior.  Enough said.

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