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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where I Am

For me, it doesn't matter how many times I've been through this, I'm always reminded of how precious and fragile a baby is. I'm 10 weeks now and although my morning sickness is not completely gone yet, I'm definitely feeling good more than bad. But I'm painfully aware of how welcome even the bad is for women that are longing for their babies. I'm really trying hard not to focus on my sickness, but to give thanks for each week that passes. This baby is growing and I have the muffin top to prove it;)

My two little big boys though are really...ummmm...teaching me a lot lately about discipline. You can hear me yelling "NO, JUDE!!!!!!!!" all throughout the house lately because little man has either spilled powder all over the bathroom, gotten a stubborn stain on the carpet, dumped the sugar dish in the kitchen, or some done something else that my hormones perceive as a disaster. And a conversations with Penn lately goes something like this:

Me: Penn, please clean up your room.
Penn: Um, no thanks, but thanks for asking.
Me: I wasn't asking, Penn...clean it!
Penn: can do it.

And that's usually as far as I make it before I start losing it...I am not known for my patience. I feel like I've tried all my tricks. I've asked nicely, I've made it a game, I've done time out, I've taken away his costumes (which is huge), I've put him on t.v. and computer restriction, and I've spanked (which doesn't seem to work for us, by the way), but nothing seems to work and I'm exhausted. So if you've got any fresh thoughts on the "Penn refuses to follow directions" situation, I would be most willing to try. I'm pretty desperate.

I do however, LOVE my boys and I know God is using them to help point out a lot of flaws in my own character. Maybe I'm the one that needs to be worked on the most. Well...I guess that's all I've got for now. And Jude just got too quiet, so I should probably check that out...


  1. I think discipline is something every mom struggles with! I'm crossing my fingers for a parenting class at my church soon.

    When you figure out what works for Penn (because I know you will!), please feel free to write up a post explaining it all. I would very much appreciate your insight! :-)

  2. I totally understand! I'm also not known for patience, and when I was pregnant it was even more difficult than normal. Hang in there! 10 weeks was when I got relief, too. I loved that magical 10-11 week period and on. Until about 35 weeks, of course. :)

  3. Random ideas:
    - time him to see how fast he can clean?
    - I read once about the idea of putting a picture of the room clean to serve as an end goal
    - have him help you reorganize his room so that he really knows where everything goes - maybe get some extra baskets/containers to help there be a place for everything

    Good luck!