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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pack, this one's just for you:)

Eleven years ago (when I was a junior in high school), I had this crush on a guy who may or may not have known I existed (and who may or may not have known which "twin" I was).  We "talked."  We flirted.  We went to a concert together.  I told him I had a thing for big, strong, tall guys.  He said he always like petite girls.  He gave me a piggyback ride on the beach because I didn't have shoes with me on the shell-littered shore.  We had our first kiss at his house and we became "boyfriend and girlfriend."  After a sweet summer with lots more kisses, I was addicted.

Sometime that first year.
 Then...he went away to college...FOR FOUR LONG YEARS (well, four-and-a-half, if I'm being honest).  I tried going to college close to him (it didn't work).  He thought about coming home to be close to me (he didn't).  There were a couple of times that we both thought it just might not work (but, it did).

One month after he graduated (on my 21st birthday), he asked me to marry him at a picnic on the grounds of the university I was attending.  I still can't believe I didn't cry.

Telling the Family!
Just a few short months later, in April of 2005, I married last (and I still didn't cry)!

The kiss!
Now, six years after that most perfect wedding day, I'm living in someplace I never imagined I'd be with someone I never imagined I would be able to love more and more each day, and I have the job of my the mother of his children.

He makes me laugh all. the. time.  He is such an awesome dad.  He makes me feel beautiful (even though very little about me still resembles that "petite girl") and I have never doubted his faithfulness.  He prays with me and for me.  He always surprises me.  He never stops trying to be better--at his job and at home.  He makes me walk on the inside of the road with the children so he can protect us from traffic.  He's an awesome guitarist.  He is honest with me.  He is such a professional and his work makes me so proud.  He's a friend to everyone.  He's mine and I know he loves me.

Me with my best friend!

Pack, thank you for kissing me, loving me, and asking me to marry you six years ago.  You are very simply the best husband I could ever dream of and I'm so thankful that God saved you for me!

Happy (late) Anniversary!!!

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  1. SO beautiful, I cried! You two are just the sweetest and your love is obvious to everyone around you (even via fb). Happy anniversary!