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Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Half, Little Bean!

My banana girl is six months old today. No, that cannot be possible. How is it that these precious baby days are even more fleeting with each additional child?!
Sitting up already {tear}
Oh, but this little girl--my Anna--is so special. She takes my breath away every day and I don't think I'm the only one! She is simply oozing with personality! She makes her brothers feel like comedians. Penn and Jude thrive on Anna's attention lately. And they know their role. I have already given them the "talk" about how God gave Anna two big brothers and their main job is to protect her. They showed me all the tricks they could do to keep the "bad guys" away from their baby sister and they take this role very seriously.  What a sheltered life she will lead!
I, on the other hand, get to be a rock star mom with Anna! Seriously, the girl makes me look like a pro because we can take her anywhere! She cries when she's tired, dirty/wet, teething, or hungry. And speaking of hungry, she just had her first bit of real food one week shy of her six month birthday! About a tablespoon of bananas was on the menu for her initially but we have progressed to homemade brown rice cereal and zucchini since then.
Brown Rice is the best!
She's feeling all kinds of special now that she can pretend to chew. Now we're just waiting on teeth. As you can see, she still has a beautiful gummy smile, but I think that some pearly whites will be making an appearance soon:)
Pack still smitten with his baby girl, and who can blame him?  She has a fabulous stylist (hehe) and really knows how to work those beautiful eyes to her advantage.  I'm seriously jealous of those blue/green, almond shaped beauties.  I hope they don't cause her too much trouble growing up;)
At this rate, she will never be allowed to date.
The past six months have been so much sweeter with our Anna Hazel.  We think she's the PERFECT addition to our family and  we can't get enough of her little personality that is starting to burst out.  I'm praying that the next six months will slow down a little so I can hold on to my baby girl just a little longer. 
Happy half, Anna Bean!

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  1. She is so, so adorable! Happy half-birthday, Little Miss Anna!