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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally blogging!

So, I've really been wanting to start a blog for over a year now. As a matter of fact, I already registered for a blog about nine months ago. Why is it now months later and I'm just now typing up my first post? That's because I couldn't come up with a title for my blog! Everything I came up with was either super-cheesy or super-cliche. Okay, so those of you that know me may be wondering what part of cheesy or cliche didn't work for me, but I wanted to be original...for once. Tonight, I finally came up with my title (as you can see), "Things I Might Forget." In my mind, my blog is less about milestones in my life and more about the scenery of things I feel or do along the way. Yeah...a lot of what I think about wanting to blog is basically pretty forgettable stuff, but I don't always want to forget some of the little things that life brings.

Here it goes...about my blog...

At this point, I think I'll be posting on things that I know best...namely my family (sorry guys...). Just to introduce the supporting characters, there's Pack (the studly hubby), Penn and Jude (my precious little boys aged approximately 2 years and 1 & 1/2 months respectively), my twin sis Karen (who also keeps a pretty interesting blog), and lots of other family members and friends you may hear about along the way (they're awesome too).

Now, about me. I met the man of my dreams in high school and we got married once he got out of college and got a job. At that time, I was still in college and jobless, so we were pretty broke for a while...okay, so not much as changed. Anyway, shortly after marriage I was hit with the baby bug. Once my husband conceded to "try" for a baby, we became pregnant with Penn who was born just after our two year anniversary. Now Penn was such an awesome baby, he made me want about 10 more. I probably would have been sporting maternity pants again at Penn's first birthday had Pack not requested to wait a little longer. Once again, when we "tried" to get pregnant, we were. So here we are now. We welcomed Jude into the world just a week before our four-year anniversary and he is now six weeks old. Basically, we stay super-busy. You can't have a toddler and an infant in the same house without having to deal with some sort of mild chaos. I think I'm handling the huge adjustment pretty well, despite the fact that I notoriously deny help when offered just to prove that I can do things myself (however haggard that makes me). Pack handles my daily meltdowns pretty well and once I can breathe again (or sleep again), life goes on.

Basically, that's pretty much it. I'm sure that through this blog, more things about my life will surface that you may even not care to know about (sorry ahead of time), but hopefully you won't mind. I'm hoping that through this blog, I'll be able to clear my head when I need to and share some of the funny/crazy/scary/sad/boring/thrilling happenings in my life. Please let me know what you think about things...I live for comments!!!

Well, here's blog or bust!

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  1. Don't worry about not accepting help. You aren't the only one who denies it. I, too, deny help just to prove that I can do it.